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Volunteer Assistance Fund

Volunteers are critical to our organization and we are thankful to have interest in these opportunities. The value of our volunteers’ help is immeasurable—both for our organization and for the women, families and children we serve. It is our responsibility and due diligence to carefully screen the people who are volunteering on an on-going basis with our clients. Additionally, in order to comply with state and local requirements regarding adults in childcare facilities each volunteer must submit to both a BCI and FBI background screen.

The cost of each background check is $68.00. We ask volunteers to cover the cost so that we can maximize the funds available for our operations and services. Unfortunately, this provides a “barrier to entry” for many who cannot afford this step of the process.

 To address this barrier, the YWCA is establishing a “Volunteer Assistance Fund” to provide partial or full assistance for any volunteer who needs help with the cost of a background screen. We are seeking your support for our Volunteer Assistance Fund, and hope that you will find it in your hearts to support us!

“I have tried for years to find a place my children can volunteer and finally they are of a good age to truly appreciate giving back and what it means to be a neighbor. I even opened my mother’s eyes to new experiences with volunteering at the YWCA. The one unexpected hurdle was that my mother had to pay for a background check. Now, we are blessed we are able to pay, but it makes me think of how inhibiting it is in general to get kids volunteer placement and then how many may not participate because they can not afford $68. The power of helping our neighbor, feeling blessed for what we have and the social skills learned through volunteering in general and especially at such a young age are priceless, but not available to all and it should be."
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Are you experiencing homelessness?

To be placed in housing you must first register with the homeless hotline by calling,  330-452-4363