Partnership with THRIVE (Toward Health Resiliency for Infant Vitality and Equity)

A critical goal in our community is to reduce infant mortality and ensure that babies make it to their first birthdays. To that end, the YWCA partners with THRIVE to support and promote healthy pregnancies and healthy babies. We have a Community Health Worker on-site as an integral member of our team to educate and provide support to our clients.

A Community Health Worker is available at no cost to participants to help support and assist women through pregnancy and the first year of their baby’s life. CHWs work with their clients to identify the challenges and barriers they may face in preparing for a new baby.

To participate in the program, contact us via the Participate tab below.


How Can a Community Health Worker Help You?

· Help with getting health insurance

· Assist in finding a preferred doctor and  is covered by  insurance

· Help make prenatal appointments

· Arrange transportation

· Help clients follow the doctor’s advice

· Empower clients to make the best health choices for mom and baby

· Advocate for clients to doctors and policy makers


THRIVE offers tenant based assistance. The tenant based rental assistance is for pregnant women and women with children 6 months or younger. This program also helps with utilities and rental deposits.

Enrolled participants should inquire for more information from their community health worker.

· Breastfeeding support group

· Mental Health, Behavioral Health, and Addiction Recovery services

· Tobacco Cessation support

· Help clients seek stable housing and assistance with utilities (tenant based assistance)

· Help with early education for baby

· Transportation assistance

· Access to fresh, healthy foods


· Make sure moms have a safe place for baby to sleep. We offer a safe sleep class through the Cribs for Kids program  in which  mothers can receive a pack and play.

· Provide car seat vouchers for safe transportation

· Connect clients and those in their homes with to tobacco cessation support where they can earn vouchers for diapers for quitting and staying smoke-free

· Connect with birthing classes and help you make an informed choice about breastfeeding

· Parenting classes for Mom and the father of baby


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